The ASSOCIAÇÃO CULTURAL MUSEU CAVAQUINHO was created on the 26th July 2013 with the aim of documenting, preserving and promoting the history of the Cavaquinho via the following actions:

 Collecting all type of document, publication, musical score, iconography and audiovisual material.

Cataloguing Cavaquinho-makers and Braguinha-makers in Portugal (continental and Madeira).

Cataloguing the musicians, groups, orchestras and associations connected to this instrument.

Constructing a documentary archive for study, with a view to the Cavaquinho being taught in schools.

 Sharing these objectives with Associations and schools across the country in the aim of improving or re-   modelling the current teaching of the Cavaquinho.

Promoting instrument-makers and their Instruments.

Promoting musicians and their work.

Promoting all study, essays and theses relating to the Cavaquinho.

Editing documentary videos about the practice of this instrument.

Editing didactic books on the instrument.

 Creating protocols with the scientific community (in the areas of Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology) in terms of their own contribution to the aforementioned objectives.

Creating a website and social network extending around the world, linking all the communities and Associations involved with the Portuguese Cavaquinho and Braguinha, the Cape-Verdian Cavaquinho, the Brazilian Cavaquinho, the Hawaian and Continental North American Ukulele, and the Indonesian Keroncong, with the aim of showing the world the Cavaquinho from which they descend.

  Promoting the subscription of the knowledge and techniques related to the manufacture of the cavaquinho in the National Cultural Heritage Inventory as a fundamental measure for its safeguarding and valuation at a national level.

  Promoting all necessary steps to be taken for UNESCO recognition of the Cavaquinho Practice as "Intangible Cultural Heritage".

Thanks to all those who wish to become associates.

President of the Association
Júlio Pereira

N.B: The Association Museu Cavaquinho does not yet have an official base. For now, all the Association's work will be collected here on this website.

Founding Associates: Júlio Pereira, João Luís Oliva, Luísa Vicente, Manuel Lisboa, Margarida Silva, Vasco Coutinho




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