CULTURE SPECIAL EDITION: Público + AC Museu Cavaquinho
The newspaper came out in January 2015 and it's being distributed amongst culture related places. It can be requested by any entity by simply writing us.

Presentation of Association and site

The Associação Museu Cavaquinho and the website were presented to the public in Lisbon, at the Centro Cultural de Belém, on the 20th January 2014, by Júlio Pereira, Rui Vieira Nery, Salwa Castelo-Branco and João Luís Oliva. The Associação Museu Cavaquinho is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to document, preserve and promote the history and practice of the cavaquinho.The website is the only site to bring together: the cavaquinho in continental Portugal, the Braguinha in Madeira, the Brazilian cavaquinho, the Cape Verdian cavaquinho, the ukulele in Hawaii and continental North-America, and the Keroncong in Indonesia.


New album from Júlio Pereira

Edited by “Tradisom”, it is available in shops from today (20th January).

In CD-book format with text by the historian João Luís Oliva, it offers a glimpse of the journeys travelled by this instrument.
The book’s preface is by Salwa Castelo-Branco, with illustrations by Pedro Sousa Pereira

  The Cavaquinho in Brazil

A fantastic study (around 1960) by Jorge Dias about Cavaquinho in Brazil.
Click here



Knowledge of the Instrument-Makers

Following the protocol signing with DGPC, the anthropologic investigation project already started in order to apply to Instituto Nacional do Património Cultural Imaterial. Here you can find: gathering of information on national cavaquinho-makers, documental research, interviews to cavaquinho-makers, photographic record, gathering of information on cavaquinho molds and data and document preparation until the begining of the presentation of the application to INPCI.

  Protocols with Municipalities

The Association just signed three protocols with the Municipalities of Lisbon, Braga and Coimbra. Those are the first protocols that the ACMC establish with Municipalities that are transversal to the pratice of cavaquinho. Soon, there will be more that aim the collaboration between these entities in order to carry out all the investigation needed (historiy, anthropology and ethnomusicology), making the pratice of cavaquinho known in these regions.


Apanhei-te Cavaquinho (“I’ve got you, Cavaquinho”) DVD

From the producer of Carlos Saura’s FADOS, Ivan Dias.The Cavaquinho’s journey through the Portuguese-speaking world is shown in this warm and unpretencious film which steers clear of ethnomusical analyses. Filmed in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde and Hawaii.

  Roberto Moritz

The Braguinha teacher Roberto Moritz, from the DRE's Artistic and Multimedia Education Service's leadership team, did a cycle of concerts with the Madeira Classical Orchestra (OCM) as a soloist. The cycle was called "Candido Drumond de Vasconcellos e Machete Madeirense Oitocentista".


  Manuel Morais

Homage to the Secretary for Education and Human Resources.The teacher was recognised for his "rich and unequalled contribution to the preservation and promotion of Madeiran musical heritage", which took the form of research, recuperation and transcription, and collaboration on the publication of 19th Century Braguinha sheet music, also known as Machete.

Great Success! 40 000 visits!
It was a great success in Lisbon, at Jeronimo's Monestry, with 40 000 visist in only 40 days.
70 Cavaquinhos intervened by 70 Artists! Produced by AC Museu Cavaquinho, this National Collective and Travelling Exhibition opened in Lisbon, at the Jeronimo's Monestry in November 2014.
It will be soon on display in the municipalities of Coimbra, Funchal, Guimarães, Horta, Porto, S. Roque do Pico, Viana do Castelo and Vila Franca do Campo.

D.G.P.C. Protocol
In the presence of the Secretary of State for Culture, a protocol was signed both by AC Museu Cavaquinho President Júlio Pereira and DGPC Director Nuno Vassalo e Silva on July 2014.

Lisbon Cavaquinho
One of the oldest Lisbon's Cavaquinho, from the 19th Century (1850-1900), made by Jerónimo José dos Santos, can be found at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Association on Facebook
Now you can follow the Association's activity on Facebook (click on the photo)

National Inventory
The Association is going to the National Inventory of Cavaquinho and Braguinha practice:
musicians, instrument-makers,
groups and schools.

Did you know that…
In Portugal, there are over 200 Cavaquinho groups…?



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