The Cultural Association e Museu Cavaquinho (Cavaquinho Museum and Cultural Association) was established on 26th July, 2013 and aims to document, preserve and promote the history and practice of cavaquinho, by carrying out the following:

  • Collect all types of documents, publications, reports, scores, iconography and audio-visual collections.
  • Inventory of the Portuguese builders (in the mainland and Madeira Island) of cavaquinhos and braguinhas.
  • Inventory of the musicians, groups, orchestras and associations linked to this instrument.
  • Establish a documentary collection as an object of study with a view to teaching cavaquinho playing in schools.
  • Articulate these objectives with Associations and Schools in the country, aiming at the improvement or reformulation of the teaching of the existing cavaquinho playing.
  • Promote crafters and their Instruments.
  • Promote musicians and their work.
  • Promote all studies, essays and theses related to this instrument.
  • Promote didactic and recreational actions related to the Cavaquinho.
  • Edit documentary videos about the practise of this instrument
  • Edit instrument-related textbooks
  • Create protocols with the scientific community (in the fields of Ethnomusicology, Anthropology and Sociology) with regard to its own intervention in the above mentioned assumptions.
  • Create a website and a social network extended to the world that connects all Communities and Associations related to the Portuguese Cavaquinho and Braguinha, the Cavaquinho from Cape Verde, the Cavaquinho from Brazil, the Ukulele from Hawaii and the North American continent and the Keroncong from Indonesia with the aim of showing the world the Cavaquinho that gave rise to them.
  • Carry out the National Inventory of Cavaquinho Groups and Teaching Places and promote the inclusion of the knowledge and techniques related to the construction of the cavaquinho in the National Inventory of Cultural Heritage, as a fundamental measure for its safeguarding and appreciation on a national scale.
  • Promote all necessary actions for the recognition by UNESCO of the Practise of Cavaquinho as Intangible Heritage of Humanity

We are grateful to everyone who wishes to become a member.

The Chairman of the Board,

Júlio Pereira

Note: The AC Museu Cavaquinho does not yet have its own building. Meanwhile, the Association publishes all the work carried out, here on its official website www.cavaquinhos.pt

Founding Partners: Júlio Pereira, João Luís Oliva, Luísa Vicente, Manuel Lisboa, Margarida Silva, Vasco Coutinho

Scientific Advisory Committee: Manuel Morais, Rui Vieira Nery e Salwa Castelo-Branco

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